Mirror fixing and accessories

Mirror installation is quick and easy with invisible mirror plates

Our adhesive sheets are most often used in the area of mirrors, dibond plates/pictures, and acrylic glass. We offer our foam spacers for this purpose. These are glued to the underside of the panels to achieve an even distance from the wall. We offer the retaining plates as eyelet plates in the sizes 45x45mm, 70 x 70 mm, 70 x 45 mm, 100 x 100 mm, 100 x 200 mm, 100 x 300 mm. We also produce all of these sizes in smooth. Eyelet sheets are also available in sizes 100 x 100 mm, 100 x 200 mm with one or two eyelets. Another size of our eyelet sheets is 180 x 180 mm with three eyelets. Only standard or uncoated.

Our hanging plates are coated with a double-sided adhesive tape in standard quality or optionally in Profi Plus quality. We also deliver the mounting sheets uncoated. Our Profi-Plus adhesive tape on the mirror hanging plates is approved for Mira Lite pure. The mirror sheets in sizes 100 x 100 mm and 100 x 200 mm are also available in a folded version. Either folded once or folded 3 times.

We also offer our range of adhesive sheets as professional mirror sets. These are made up differently. All mirror sets are suitable for wet rooms. They come in boxes with assembly instructions. The included eccentric disks are characterized by an adjustment scale.

The following mounting parts are included:
- Snap fasteners
- Eccentric washers
- Hanging tabs
- screws
- dowel

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